In December 2009, Laura Weeks was diagnosed with cancer. Upon diagnosis, her daughter had five sweatshirts made for herself, her brothers and her cousins - the group Laura saw daily. The sweatshirts were black with a design she had created with not much more than the word "hope".

Less than a month later the doctors informed her family Laura had only days. As her family sat by her side, the visiting areas filled.

It is what they refer to as their "village" and it was that village that filled the waiting rooms night after night. At times there were more than eighty people. The village took over the cafeteria, bringing in food and drinks for the family and for each other.

As the village stood by their sides, the family was comforted by the support and love that overflowed couches, chairs, rooms, hallways, cafeterias and parking lots. As the family wore their sweatshirts day in and day out, the village began to ask how they, too, could show their support on their chest... Two days later 120 sweatshirts were ordered.

It wasn't but days after her Mom passed away that her daughter thought:

"Every cancer patient deserves a village."

And they need it much longer before their final days. Every cancer patient deserves to have a team surrounding them, and that is how Hey Hope was formed.

The goal is to sell sweatshirts, shirts, bags and anything else to those who would like to show their support to the cause of fighting cancer. Profits go to research and to allow us to donate "hope" to patients and family who want to team together and fight.

Since it's start in 2010, Hey Hope Cancer Support Community has held fundraisers raising over 50k and continues to help families in need.